February 14 2019

Love always

Today is the day


Seem to go out

Of their way

To show

Loved ones that they care

That they really do love them

The girl

Can’t help but to shake her head

Love is not to be shown

More one day than the other

Love is in

Each glance

The way one always pay notice

To the smallest of things

Love is in each smile

Even the smallest touch

Love is all around us

Each and every day

Just in case

You should doubt

I love You

Today, tomorrow

Next week


Years from now

Love always


February 13 2019

If only

Wouldn’t it just be

So easy

If only we

Or more specifically

The girl

Could stop for a moment

And listen

Truly listen

And take in

All the words

How easy would everything


If she knew

How to stop her mind

But in truth

It’s whirling all around the place

Making so much noise

She can’t pick up the

Very true meanings

Of all the beautiful words

In the silent hour

She with the moon

As her only companion

She sometimes

Feel like she hear something

A voice asking

For her to open her

Eyes and her mind

To remember

The lessons she once studied

So dutifully

To see and hear

What is being shown and told

But just like a whisper in the night

The ghost of a voice

Is gone

As the sun rise

And her eyes close again

To shield for the light

February 3 2019

Far from perfect

Life isn’t as easy

As one would think

So many aspects

We have to consider

Thoughts and feelings

Our actions and fears

Mirrors the experience

We already gained

Years ago

The girl struggled

With feelings

She promised she wouldn’t have

Or at least never act on

She ran a thousand errands

Buried herself in work

Listened to the beautiful words

Allowed herself to get lost in them

She didn’t understand them

She was wrong

Without knowing she was

She came forward with her feelings

And the world stopped

She lost the one thing

She couldn’t lose

Despite the spoken promise

The world didn’t

Become well again

Slowly the girl

Reached out a hand

After years and years

A dance of words

Helped her gain back

Some of what she lost

One thing she know

For sure

She’s rather have this

Far from perfect love

Than have nothing at all

February 2 2019

In this quiet hour

The girl twist

And turns

In this dark hour

Once again

Unable to sleep

It’s so very dark outside

Not even the moon

Is keeping her company

She’s left all alone

With her own thoughts

And fears

What if she is really

Understanding the words

All wrong

Like last time

All those years ago

Everything would be

So easy

If she wasn’t to scared

To tell

How she feel

Be honest about

Both needs and wants

Oh how she want to

It’s not like

She would have to yell

For the world to hear

A little whisper

Would be enough

In this quiet hour

January 30 2019

Winter wonderland

The ground

Is covered in snow

It’s like

The grounds foundation

A soft layer

That even out

All the cracks

And bumps

Smoothing out the surface

It’s beautiful

And looks so soft

Almost to soon

It’s not so perfect anymore

A set of footprints

The sun

And a million other things

Have eagerly

Put their mark

On the perfect canvas

January 23 2019

I see you

I see you

Everywhere I go

In everything i do

You’re in the birds

When they sing in my garden

In the flowers

In the field

Telling me all about them

As we both

Defy our allergies

Just to be among

These flowers

I see you

In the blonde

Blue eyed kid

You never got to know

I see you

In my safest memories

I miss you

Every day

I see you in everything

Yet I miss you

More than words

Can ever say

January 8 2019


The girl

Never used to believe in

New year resolutions

Not even in the slightest

However this year

When she sat

Right there in the middle

Of the storm

Screaming out

In the noise it was making

Something clicked into place

A thought settled in her mind

It makes sense

In a totally new way

Silently she promises herself

Don’t assume

If you need to know ask

Let go of what is

Not meant for you

Love what you have

Appreciate everything

You get

With a slight smile

She stand up tall

Still afraid

To say it out loud

She tucks the silent


Safely away

Into her beauty shrine