Marc 1 2021

The Dark

The troubled girl

You all have gotten to know

Slowly step forward

Pinning a note

With words of goodbye

To the center of the door

Where it is sure to be found

Why she bothers

She does not even know

The truth is

Noone will care

Not even the slightest

About the words

Of a broken heart

Without even minding

The tears streaming

Steadily down her cheeks

She straighten up

And slowly walks away

Each step

Echoing through

The emptiness inside her

She keeps walking

For what seems like an eternity

Finally when her legs

Can not carry her longer

She stops

Looks around

The darkness is everywhere

In this parallel universe

There is no sun

No moon

Not even the faintest

Glimps of light from a star

Slowly she lays down

On the hard ground

Next to a withered rose

Her fingers gently

Stroke the fragile

Dried petal

The girl rest

Her mind and body

Knowing without

The missing light

The rose remains withered

December 16 2020

Golden silence

The biggest fear

Are now the reality

Broken,crying and begging

The girl wanted

More than anything

For the broken

To be fixed

To learn from the mistakes

We all make

In this dance we call life

There are many words

Wanting to get out

Just today

Silence is gold

Watching as those

Once close

Becomes strangers

Hoping beyond anything

Time will heal

August 18 2020

True fear

The girl blinks

So much time

Have passed

Fast and in a blur

The overwhelming pain

From her broken heart

Have kept the blindfold

Firmly in place

Nothing is changing

For the better

Unless she is willing

To leave the past behind

Surely her heart will never

Completely forget

And the time she blindly

Falls back certain to be caught

Are still far off

If the girl

Are totally honest

She does not fear

A heartbreak like the recent one

The true fear

All the combined efforts

Is not enough

That at one point

There is no other way

Than letting go forever

May 2 2020

Once upon a time

The girl we know

Fell upon the lap of a stranger

At the first glance

She looked whole

Her masks and fake smiles

Securely in place

As time passed

He managed to reach

Deep inside her

Finding all the broken pieces

And slowly

Very patiently

Laid them out

Like a giant puzzle

Looking and feeling each one

Putting piece after piece

Back into the place

Where it used to belong

The girl started to feel

Whole again

The mask discarded

The fake smiles

Replaced by genuine ones

Everything good

Comes to an end

In a short moment in time

All the pieces

Came apart again

The girl feels

Like she is looking

From a distance

He tries so hard

To reach back in

His hand searching

For the pieces

Determined to

Solve the puzzle

Once again

But as his hands search

There are no pieces

To be found

His hand only

Finding the finest dust

That slip straight through

His fingers

The girl can almost hear

A faint voice

Echoing through

The emptiness inside her

From dust you have come

To dust you shall return

Copyright Christina Hansen

February 24 2020


The sun is rising

It is absolutely beautiful

Proving again

That at after darkness

There is always light

It is a day

Just like any other

Yet everything is changed

Hard truths have been discovered

A trust is forever broken

Even if work is done

To repair the damage

It will not be

As it once was

Forever tainted

By unfulfilled promises

Words said without meaning

Happily she once

Signed her life away

The cards have been dealt

The girl blinks

Away the tears

Slips the mask into place

And as she ignore

The sounds

Of her heart shattering

She turn with a bright smile

And face the one person

She once trusted

She never had to wear it for

Copyright Christina Hansen

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February 12 2020

Empty shell

Everyone say

That they love the girl

Why does it feel

Like empty words

When the girl

Dare to be herself

Those around her

Becomes upset

The people she loves

Claim to listen

Yet it seems

They don’t hear

Her words

Only those

They wish to hear

Perhaps the girl

Are simply to

Willing to put

Her own feelings

Out of the way

Just to get

The love she so crave

How long

Will it be


The consequences show

When will she

Simply be an empty shell

Copyright Christina Hansen

January 24 2020

New rules

A stranger might

Be drawn towards

The window

The soft light shining

From within

Holding a certain allure

Inside the room

The blonde haired girl

Sit by a desk

A piece of paper

Placed in front of her

She have this troubled

Yet determined expression

She dips the pen into the ink

Gently pressing the tip

To the top of the paper

The word “rules”

Now delicately printed

With shaking hands

She slowly and carefully

Write down

A complete new set of rules

For her to live by

The rest of her life

Is now

Signed and sealed

Copyright Christina Hansen

January 10 2020

The Dance

Once again

The girl

Accept the invitation

For a dance

Of words

A dance

She doesn’t know the steps for

Each time she think

Now she got it

The handsome dancepartner

Of hers

Throw her into

A totally unexpected spin

Throwing all balance

And all grace

Out the window

While she struggle

To regain her composure

Life carry on

Leaving the girl

Alone, searching for

The right step

Confusion evident

On her pretty face

One thing she finally learned

Is to not ask

For clarification

The dance is hers

And only hers

To understand

Copyright Christina Hansen

January 2 2020

Hot and cold

The temperature drops

Suddenly with no warning

Or was there one

A missed message

In the thick fog of words

Wake up girl

See the signs

The pattern

Repeating itself

Over and over


He’s hot then cold

Oh girl

Wake up from the dream

You’re nothing but a toy

Oh baby as long you allow it

You will be played with

Drawn into the warmt

Tossed out in the cold

Like a song

Caught in a specific spot

Copyright Christina Hansen

December 31 2019

A new end

A year have come to an end

Such short time

Yet it can feel

Like an eternity

The girl

Is yet again

Sad and confused

Hours turn to days

Days to weeks

And the silence is deafening

Did she miss

A set of hidden words

Just for her

Words she years ago

Became scared to ever again

Think would be about her

Perhaps the year to come

Offers some sort of clarity

Either way

Change is in the air

Copyright Christina Hansen