July 29 2019


The girl takes her time

Clearing her mind

Slowly recalling

Long lost feelings

Remember sensations

Experienced long ago

A chair

In the middle of a room

If one was to

Look at her eyes

The observant one

Might notice

How they change

Just from that

First part of

The memory of that day

The girl recall

A demand

An o9rder to sit

On the chair

Naked – exposed

It’s easy to recall

How her heart

Picked up speed just slightly

She can even sense

The softness

Of her own voice

The “yes Sir” as she

Sat on the chair

Just as instructed

How her heart

Skipped a beat

When firm

Yet gentle hands

Firstly placed

A soft something

Over her eyes

A blindfold

Allowing not even

A tiny bit of light inside

Then how those same

Firm gentle hands

Closed around her wrists

One at a time

Securing her hands behind

Her own back

Not a word said

Just the feeling of gentle calm hands


The barely audible sound

Of retreating steps

Oh how she remember

The feeling

How the air in the room

Suddenly felt alive

Teasing her skin

How she just picked up the sound

Of His breathing

Realizing he was watching

Every little movement

How she squirmed

Not even wanting to

It may have been years

But the feeling she recall

From when time slowly passed

Her mind calmed

And her whole stance on the chair

Ultimately relaxed

Into acceptance

The way everything clicked

Into place

How everything

Apart from being His

Became something of no importance

Is crystal clear

She gasp

And the longing in her eyes

Are no longer

Just for the observant

To see


July 3 2019

Game over

I swear i knew

Right from the start

Loving you

Would break my heart

Call me crazy

I swear its ok

I think it too

Even now

I still wonder

Where you are

I gave you all of me

I beg you

Stop just stop

It is not a game

Where i can compete

My heart is to fragile

Don’t play games

Life is to short

We never know

When it is truly

Game over

July 1 2019

Beautiful life

Life is beautiful

Yet moody

When does it start

Or end

Especially the end

We never know

Just how fast

It might approach

It can be a slow painful process

Or come out of nowhere

I beg you

Get out there

Don’t take tomorrow for granted

Embrace each moment

The special

Alongside the every day ones

Kiss this life

When you have it

Love even when

You’re scared to

Because tomorrow

Might never come

June 6 2019

The dance we call life

She sits there

The blonde haired girl

Quietly curled up

In the windowsill

Looking out

Observing the people

Passing by

Secretly admiring

How they gracefully

Adapt to the rhythm

In this dance we call life

It really looks

So easy

The girl can’t help

To think

How she as always

Lack every sense of rhythm

Deja-vu back to

Actual dance lessons

When still just a kid

Then just like now

She moves

Slightly away from the others

By herself

Unable to find

The rhythm

So she sway

She move and twirl

In her own little world

Out of sync

Strangers watching

Find it charming

How she’s not afraid

To stand out

For that she is grateful

In this dance we call life

June 3 2019

Borrowed time

What does tomorrow

Really promise

Did today or the day before

Live up to those

Unspoken promises

Sometimes i wish

To turn back time

To those days

Where love shone

So bright

In reality

Only blinding us

So we failed to notice

When a day

Failed to meet

What was promised

In advance

Here among all

The broken promises

Sits a girl

With only her words left

Trying to convince

The one who matters

About her love

Unlike the promises

It never broke

Not when it seemed

Like it might have

Been all but forgotten

Tomorrow is not promised

Remember each day

Is as precious

As the one before

Don’t take anything

For granted

After all

We’re here on

Borrowed time

May 31 2019


They say the sun is shining

From a clear blue sky

Why is all i sense

A thick fog

Nothing at all stands clear

The little i can see

Is all blurred

Toxicity leading to misery

Desperate to find

A way out

Into the sun

Turn and walk blindly

One way

This invisible force

Pull me back

The opposite way

World spinning

Making me dizzy

Breathing is difficult

Tears on my face

No matter wich way

I try to go

My heart feels

Like its breaking

Into a million pieces

Ultimately i just sit

Right where i am

Feeling utterly lost

May 30 2019


It’s been a while

I know my love

Please don’t fret

I’ve been quiet

I am aware

There’s nothing i like more

Than to offer my hand

In invitation

Come spend time with me

Let me show you

All the beautiful places

Where the view is stunning

And some only experience

That much

The truly breathtaking


Hits full force

Just do one thing

It’s simple

You just need to let

Yourself feel the


There is something special

About places that make

You feel

It really is the same

With people

Don’t see with just

Your eyes

Feel with everything

You have

And discover

What beauty

Really is