February 12 2020

Empty shell

Everyone say

That they love the girl

Why does it feel

Like empty words

When the girl

Dare to be herself

Those around her

Becomes upset

The people she loves

Claim to listen

Yet it seems

They don’t hear

Her words

Only those

They wish to hear

Perhaps the girl

Are simply to

Willing to put

Her own feelings

Out of the way

Just to get

The love she so crave

How long

Will it be


The consequences show

When will she

Simply be an empty shell

January 24 2020

New rules

A stranger might

Be drawn towards

The window

The soft light shining

From within

Holding a certain allure

Inside the room

The blonde haired girl

Sit by a desk

A piece of paper

Placed in front of her

She have this troubled

Yet determined expression

She dips the pen into the ink

Gently pressing the tip

To the top of the paper

The word “rules”

Now delicately printed

With shaking hands

She slowly and carefully

Write down

A complete new set of rules

For her to live by

The rest of her life

Is now

Signed and sealed

January 10 2020

The Dance

Once again

The girl

Accept the invitation

For a dance

Of words

A dance

She doesn’t know the steps for

Each time she think

Now she got it

The handsome dancepartner

Of hers

Throw her into

A totally unexpected spin

Throwing all balance

And all grace

Out the window

While she struggle

To regain her composure

Life carry on

Leaving the girl

Alone, searching for

The right step

Confusion evident

On her pretty face

One thing she finally learned

Is to not ask

For clarification

The dance is hers

And only hers

To understand

January 2 2020

Hot and cold

The temperature drops

Suddenly with no warning

Or was there one

A missed message

In the thick fog of words

Wake up girl

See the signs

The pattern

Repeating itself

Over and over


He’s hot then cold

Oh girl

Wake up from the dream

You’re nothing but a toy

Oh baby as long you allow it

You will be played with

Drawn into the warmt

Tossed out in the cold

Like a song

Caught in a specific spot

December 31 2019

A new end

A year have come to an end

Such short time

Yet it can feel

Like an eternity

The girl

Is yet again

Sad and confused

Hours turn to days

Days to weeks

And the silence is deafening

Did she miss

A set of hidden words

Just for her

Words she years ago

Became scared to ever again

Think would be about her

Perhaps the year to come

Offers some sort of clarity

Either way

Change is in the air

October 30 2019


The girl

We feel like

We know so well

Sitting looking out the window

Through her blue eyes

As so often before

The sadness visible

But only if you look closely

The sun fight hard

And manage

To shine

Through the rain

A beautiful rainbow

Stand as evidence

In the horizon

The girl change her focus

To the rainbow

Created by light

Slowly understanding

The power of shining

So brightly from the inside

That the beauty

Of her special shine

Chase away the rain

July 29 2019


The girl takes her time

Clearing her mind

Slowly recalling

Long lost feelings

Remember sensations

Experienced long ago

A chair

In the middle of a room

If one was to

Look at her eyes

The observant one

Might notice

How they change

Just from that

First part of

The memory of that day

The girl recall

A demand

An order to sit

On the chair

Naked – exposed

It’s easy to recall

How her heart

Picked up speed just slightly

She can even sense

The softness

Of her own voice

The “yes Sir” as she

Sat on the chair

Just as instructed

How her heart

Skipped a beat

When firm

Yet gentle hands

Firstly placed

A soft something

Over her eyes

A blindfold

Allowing not even

A tiny bit of light inside

Then how those same

Firm gentle hands

Closed around her wrists

One at a time

Securing her hands behind

Her own back

Not a word said

Just the feeling of gentle calm hands


The barely audible sound

Of retreating steps

Oh how she remember

The feeling

How the air in the room

Suddenly felt alive

Teasing her skin

How she just picked up the sound

Of His breathing

Realizing he was watching

Every little movement

How she squirmed

Not even wanting to

It may have been years

But the feeling she recall

From when time slowly passed

Her mind calmed

And her whole stance on the chair

Ultimately relaxed

Into acceptance

The way everything clicked

Into place

How everything

Apart from being His

Became something of no importance

Is crystal clear

She gasp

And the longing in her eyes

Are no longer

Just for the observant

To see